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    Save takes time on Mac

      does anyone noticing a long lag when saving a files in Mac OS X? everytime I save a file during work it shows the balloon and takes about 5-10 seconds while on a PC you don't even notice the save command. is ever going to be a overhaul for the Mac version?

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          Larry Pelty
          I've not only seen that but fireworks CS3 in general is very sluggish on my mac. For example, if I have an element selected and click on another element, it takes about 5-10 seconds for the properties palette to reflect the new element. Changing other attributes such as font size happens after 4 or 5 seconds as well. You would think by the way it runs (the previous version of fireworks for the mac was just as bad) I was running a VERY old machine. But.....I have a very high end machine.....8 core mac pro, 10GB memory, 512MB Nvidia card, dual 24 inch monitors, an intuos 3 wacom tablet, and about 3TB (yes TB) of storage.

          Anyone else experience these issues?

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            abeall Level 3
            I used to use a Mac (G5s), and yes, Fireworks had an annoying panel update delay problem (not nearly on the order of 5 to 10 seconds, though... more like 1 to 3 seconds) that made it feel like working in tar at times. I never noticed the save process taking longer than a PC, though. Saving begins to take 5-10 seconds on a PC as well when the file gets big.

            As I recall, you could sometimes click a panel to "force refresh" it.
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              migo33 Level 1
              yes, and yes. FW CS3 on a mac is slow and buggy and frankly I do not see Adobe helping us by fixing issues and updating the product. they will probably encourage us to buy an update version stating many promising marketing buzz words and we, in our blindness and stupidity will sheer another pack of dollars to probably upgrade the entire suite just to notice more bugs and more incapable products.
              I have been using FW since version 2 on a PC. it did what it needed to do.
              If you search for technical support on Adobe's site you will find the most absurd solutions to fix issues like the annoying brush tool, they answer? "switch it off and use precise cursor". Duh! on the PC side a solution for appearance issues is to simply "switch of the Aero desktop when using Vista"...