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    recording video and playback on mobile (android)


      I am able to record the video using the camera UI however when I try to display the video that is just recorded, I can only hear sound.


      here are the files:



      this is the view:  http://pastebin.com/r8bpqN5Q

      the following function is called after I got the file from cameraUI which is a 3gp



                                    protected function video_completed(me:MediaPromise):void{





      and my htc EVO does not have stagevideo it seems? so I use Video as a fall back, as stated above it only plays sound.


      I googled around, some people mentioned that I need to set the backgroundAlpha to 0 in order to display the video I did that in the main application's css, here:




                text-decoration: none;

                font-style: normal;

                font-weight: normal;

                color: #A73030;

                content-background-alpha: 0.0;




      but it still wont show, what gives?