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    Flex Callouts - Usability enhancement suggestions

      Usability enhancement suggestions for flex callouts widget FIG demo. (The FIG forum seems to be locked, making it difficult to add feedback there.)

      Currently, clicking on callout expands to first level and displays expando affordance on right. Suggest that it appear next to the airplane (i.e. under the mouse), so the user is encouraged to simply click a second time to see the second level expansion, rather than scootch over to right every time. "But they don't need to do that." Yes, exactly.

      The close action when window is fully expanded can be handled by orienting callout with the arrow pointing to upper left, and balloon at lower right, so that the same "click in place" trick can be employed.

      Click here for example of callouts/tooltips appearing to lower right of mouse.

      This would then clearly convey that user can click-click-click to cycle through the three states. So it's click once to expand to show heading. Expando glyph appears under/near mouse position attached to airplane. Click again to have the heading expand *downward*, with a close "X" replacing the expando glyph. Click again to close/return to initial state.