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    Application window jumps on "go to movie" :-(

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      My application consists of many dir-movies and runs in windowed mode

      Projector was created with checkbox "Center stage in monitor" checked.
      Now it starts in the middle of the screen but when the user moves the
      application window from its original point to some other position and then
      when application should jump into another dir-file, it jumps again to the
      center of the screen

      If I uncheck property "Center stage in monitor" before publishing the
      projector, the problem is similar, but - the window jumps to position,
      defined in Location fields of "displayTemplate"-Tab of Property inspector,
      when application goes into another dir.

      I can store current position of window after each MoveWindow and then in
      each on prepareMovie handler set the position of the stage to that stored
      position. But it looks to ugly - first at all - the window still jumps for a
      couple of milliseconds to center of the screen (in case if checkbox is
      checked ) or to position, defined in location-fields (if checkbox is
      unchecked) and then jumps to desired position. When it returns to desired
      position the window is black (so I loose previous image of the stage) and
      just then appears new content from that another movie

      is there any way to FORBID that jumps of application window to the center of
      the screen or to Position, defined in location fields of
      "displayTemplate"-Tab ?

      Any help will be appreciated

      Thanx in advance,