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    Help I can not import an m2v

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      Good evening and good continuation of the festivities.


      It 'the first time I have, so far I never had any problem in importing the files demuxed from DVD with extension [b]. M2v [/ b] and then process the movie clip, I made a hundred similar procedures and never before have I had understood nothing of the sort.


      Today for the first time happened to me with a DVD, in fact just demuxed video stream [b]. M2v [/ b], after importing it in the time line, I see the monitor in a quality movie to be compassionate as a mobile, perhaps one can see even better, that is full of small and large pixel squares, as if the massively images have undergone further processing. Another thing confirmed even if I finish the encoding, so the problem is downstream of the procedure, but I think that is the encoding nel'importazione.


      For comparison I have made tests muxing:

      With Adobe Encore same story there too, just the amount in the time line, I have an image in the monitor pitiful, instead making the Pro DVDlab procedutra with the image is identical to the original.


      How can such a thing?

      If I perform the procedure with other files, which have previously been treated, not matched by a similar problem.


      Through the analysis with Mediainfo the file is perfectly smooth with the DVD standard, and also by viewing the file with any player is perfect.


      If you are willing to upload the file for further analysis, believe me I do not know where to turn, this file is not intended to be imported it from its premiere by Encore


      After various tests, from the first light of dawn, you know what the end was enough to do? not believe it ever, and even now I replace the. m2v with. mts


      I do not know for what reason or reasons unknown to me, but the problem was the extension of the "container".


      These are the screens that appear in the display window with the imported file with the extension .m2v

      Ridimensiona diScreenshot 001 m2v.png

      Ridimensiona diScreenshot 002 m2v.png




      These are the screens that appear in the display window with the same file renamed with the extension .mts

      Ridimensiona diScreenshot 003 mts.png

      Ridimensiona diScreenshot 004 mts.png



      However, if you want to test the file, and then try to rename it. Mts, to give me a confirmation of what I've tested, the potetet download here http://www.mediafire.com/?y2gu30lum7awadr




      However it is strange. because the same file imported DVDlab does not have this problem that has Encore and

      Sincerely thank you