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    File sharing between Mac and PC CS5


      While our graphic designer, who uses a Mac, is on maternity leave, I am doing whatever graphics-type work we have on my work PC. I have CS5 and so does the Mac (I have checked multiple times, we both have CS5; NOT CS5.5 on either machine). I cannot open many of her InDesign files because it says that I don't have some of the same plug-ins. I have tried just copying her plug-ins, but an error occurs when I try to copy them. I realize some things may be missing, but I should at least be able to open those files. We am I missing? Or will upgrading both to CS5.5 solve this problem?


      This is very frustrating as I can't really get anything done moving around between offices and computers all day; this is why we have a shared drive system. Please let me know what we can do.