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    After Effects Animation help


      Normally when working in After Effects, you can scroll the playhead from point A to point B and see how an object animates in between.


      Somehow I clicked on something (I'm not sure what I did or if it involved right clicking).  It asked me something about an upgrade which I hit Cancel on.  Now when I scroll with the playhead I can't see what happens in between.  It goes straight from point A to point B.  Even something as simple as adjusting the size of an object or moving its position is now difficult because I can't see the results of what I'm doing WHILE I'm doing it, I can only see it after the action is done.


      Ex.: I want to make an Ink Blot a certain size but when I place it on the screen it's too big.  So I scale it down.  Simple right?  If I simply "scroll" through the scale numbers I can adjust it to the proper size and stop when I like what I see.  In this unfortunate case I can no longer do that.  Instead I can only see the result the moment I STOP scrolling and if it's still too big or too small, I have to adjust and readjust until I get that right number, hoping that ink blot will be the right size.


      Anyhow, simply put, how do I go back to the way things were, when I could simply see how my work would animate while scrolling through the playhead and adjusting parameters?