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    general advice: use mp4 asset or return to the .mpeg source

    nefl777 Level 1

      hi guys,

      I am just looking for your advice here. I've never worked with a .mp4 file in a project before.


      My goal is to blend a couple of .mp4 videos I made specifically for Vimeo. I imported one and played it in the program window and it appears  a bit pixallated.


      I still have the original .mpeg files for this project... but... I would have to search thru that file to find the footage I want - and I already know the footage is in the .mp4 file.


      so what do you advise? shall I just use the .mp4 footage hoping that the pixellation will go away once it's rendered? Or do I have to use the .mpeg file ?


      thanks for any advice you can give me!