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    goto and play variable set

      I am trying to set the 'goto and play' function so that it will go back and start from frame 1 a set number of times before continuing to the next frame. How do I do this?
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          you can set a _global variable equal to 0 like this
          _global.myCount = 0

          then on your MC timeline on the last frame before you want it to go to the start again you can use this as a loop
          _global.myCycle= myCount++

          What happens is MC will play until it hits the above code and evaluates it. It will take "myCount" and add 1 to it. Then assigns that number to another varaible "myCycle". Then it checks to see if myCycle equals 10, if it does not it will go back to frame 1 and play again. This time around "myCount" will be one more higher than before and re-evaluates the "myCycle" again etc.
          Once "myCycle" equals 10 it goes to the next frame and the code stops cycling.