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    Adobe Ideas differences, why?

    Mutant04 Community Member

      Hi All,


      I have bought Adobe Ideas for my Android Tablet, and really like the app. However I have noticed that the android version of the app lacks a few things that the iOS version has, although the iOS version is cheaper???


      I understand that there is a battle which is the best OS, Android or Apple, but I don't understand why an app would be released that is not the same on both platforms as this cannot be fairly compared.


      Why are there parts missing on the Android version, from my view primarily the lack of options to export  your "ideas" as only the creative cloud option is available. The option to add color palettes is also missing.


      Do not get me wrong I love the app and would not have bought it if didn't think it was worth it. However do feel slightly cheated that after paying a higher price for it there is not as much under the hood so to speak.


      Will there be an up date for the android version that will address thes issues? And will the option to export be increased (email, PDF etc.)?

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          Boots_Venus Adobe Employee



          The price of Adobe Ideas for Android is a bit higher and it is consistent with the pricing of the other Android Touch Apps (Photoshop Touch, Adobe Kuler for Mobile, Adobe Collage, Adobe Proto and Adobe Debut).  The biggest value of the Android version is the Adobe Creative Cloud sync and share capability.  You can easily updload your Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator files from your desktop and access them on your tablet.  Also, you are able to easily upload your work from your tablet and access it from your desktop to continue working.  For example, with Adobe Ideas if you are a graphic artist then your time commuting on a train or plane could easily be billable hours!


          You are right- there is not exact feature parity between the iOS version and the Android version- one major example of this is the lack of additional drawing layers in the Android version.  The original iOS version of Adobe Ideas shipped with only 1 drawing layer and 1 photo layer.  More layers were added as a paid option because of customer demand.  If the demand is same for Android then additional layers will be a considered feature.


          We're so glad that you like the app.  Please share your work on Facebook: www.facebook.com/adobeideas or www.facebook.com/adobetouch

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            Its understandable that you guys released the app for android the same way that you release it for iOS with only the 1 layer, but there is clearly a overwhelming demand for it on the android interface, but all you guys will say is that you will "evaluate the demand". What is there to evaluate?! Its like you are implying that people with android tablets wouldnt want that feature. Why in God's name would we not want that feature? Especially since in the advertisement videos that you are using to market the app, it clearly shows the feature available, which is why most of us bought the app, only to find out later that we are paying twice as much for a watered down version of what we are being shown. That is false advertisement. Can we get some kind of ETA on this resolution of this issue that CLEARLY needs no evaluation?!

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              Boots_Venus Adobe Employee

              Hi Chris(?)-


              Thanks for your post. I never thought about the images being misleading. We were trying to show the app being used regardless of the platform but you have a good point and we do NOT want to mislead people. I think we can clear up

              SOME of the confusion by 1) Clearly stating in the app description that there is only one drawing layer. We currently say “Work with separate drawing and photo layers, controlling the opacity of each”, which now I think implies more than one layer of each. and 2) By changing the images to only include work created on the Android version of Ideas.  You are right- a lot of the work was done on iPads with multiple layers.  If you feel duped and dissatisfied then I will be happy to send you a giftcard to re-imbiurse you for the $9.99 that you spent.  Please let me know.  You can reach me by emailing me at ideasapp@adobe.com.




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                rollingpeople Community Member

                Hi, i think Adobe must publish a update with layers for Ideas, and other things that Ipad version have. Thanks

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                  TFreelander Community Member

                  Just noticed that Adobe Ideas just got an update on Android and got very excited.


                  Finally, I thought, Adobe have made this a useable app!!


                  However, to my absolute disgust, there is still no support for layers and pressure sensitivity (both of which are available free on Sketchbook Pro).


                  Common Adobe, when are you going to support customer loyalty by providing your customers with a decent sketch app?


                  I use the full Adobe Master Suite and have persuaded my school (I am a Teacher/Middle Leader) to purchase full site licenses at considerable expense. We also provide all of our students with Android based hand held devices because IPad is ridiculously over priced.


                  I have all of the Adobe Touch Apps and want to use Adobe Ideas. I would even pay more for the layers and pressure sensitivity (despite already having Sketchbook Pro) but at the moment it is a severely crippled app.


                  While I am having a rant!! Photoshop touch is great for editing photos (as you would expect) but, to my dissapointment, it is not a suitable replacement for Adobe Eazel on the IPad. Will you please bring out a similar app to Eazel and Colour Lava on Android. I have a nomad brush and really want to make more use of it.