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    Problem getting a PDF to show up in the store


      I'm having a problem getting a particular PDF into my bookstore. I can successfully package/upload the book into ACS, and I can export the books.xml file for my store. The file shows the book I want to add to the store, but when I update my store with the books.xml file, the  book I want to add to the store does not appear.


      I had a similar problem a few months ago with another PDF book: I could upload it to ACS and it was included in the books.xml file, but it wouldn't show up in the store. I finally traced the problem to an image on the cover and the title page: Once I removed the image, the PDF book showed up in the store.


      I've done everything I can think of with the problem PDF: omitted bookmarks and hyperlinks, replaced all original images with save-for-web JPGs, used a totally vanilla cover image, used Acrobat to preflight the file (no problems reported), and used Acrobat to convert colors (which shouldn't be necessary -- the PDF was exported from InDesign using the Smallest Size preset) -- no luck. I've also confirmed that I can add a file to the store by uploading a one-page, one-colour PDF.


      Any suggestions about what to do next?