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    ZIP file issues


      I uploaded a zip file with a bunch of files in it. It shows that I have space being used but I can't see the zip file. How would I go about deleting it or being able to see it?

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          kstewart1104 FormerEmployees

          Try logging out and logging back in to see if the ZIP file shows up. If not, please let us know what OS and browser you are on and the team will look into the issue. Thanks!



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            DanRossdeutscher Community Member

            I logged out and then back in. I still had the same issue. I am on Mac OS X version 10.6 and I am using Safari 5.1. Thanks for your help!

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              Ken G. Rice Adobe Employee



              A few more questions:

              1. How large is the zip file you uploaded?
              2. Did you upload the file to 'My files' or to a collection (folder)?
              3. How many other files are in the collection you uploaded to?


              I would like to follow up with you directly if possible to see the issue via secure screen sharing using Adobe Connect. My email is kenrice@adobe.com.




              Ken Rice

              Quality Engineer

              Adobe Systems

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                DanRossdeutscher Community Member



                1. The file size is 1.2 GB.
                2. I uploaded it to a collection folder.
                3. This was the only file in the collection


                I deleted the collection folder because I didn't see the file. The account shows that the space is still being used even though I deleted the folder. I sent an Adobe Connect request to your email account.


                Thanks for your help,


                Dan Rossdeutscher

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                  same problem here: ZIP not visible but seems to eat memory.


                  - ZIP-File 180,5 MB (3x PDF/X3 printing data)

                  - MAC OS 10.7.4

                  - Browser Safari 5.1.7


                  Is it save at the current state of creative cloud to deliver printing pdf/X3 in original format without zipping?


                  Two weeks ago i had problems and lost money because of damaged data after the printhouse downloaded (and they delivered that crap directly to my customer) my unzipped pdf file from creative cloud.




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                    I have had the exact same issue, I tried uploading a 1.5GB Zip File. It sat there saying it was uploading for hours, finally I figured something must be wrong so I closed out the browser (Chrome). Then the next time I opened cloud back up it still shows that the space is allocated. So I deleted, then "permanently deleted" all the files and folder I had in Cloud, nothing changed.

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                      Ken G. Rice Adobe Employee

                      @ Profisatz and @jdaveprill - Would each of you please email me your Adobe ID email at kenrice@adobe.com so we can investigate.

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                        I could use some help on this one too. Trying to upload zip files has been very problematic. After several tries, some of them seem to show up eventually. But, it seems the files are still being put somewhere since the 20 Gig continues to fill up.

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                          Ken G. Rice Adobe Employee

                          @ivo.nieth - Please email me your Adobe ID email at kenrice@adobe.com.