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    Flex Concepts


      Hi All ,


      I am pretty new to this world , just trying to understand few terminolgies .


      1) Frames : As per my current understanding , If i make a screen , with a text box and a button and leave the screen idle , still flash player would keep on refershing the frames with the specified frame rate (i.e. 24 by default) with out any change , Is my understanding correct ?


      2) Rendering : I have seen this word being used number of times in Adobe docs , but no where I have found a proper definition of rendering. Could some on please explain me , in a simple case where I have a text box and button , where does rendering come into picture. And how does it affects frames.


      Any pointer or documents would be helpful.



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          John Hall Level 4

          Sounds like you're coming from a Flash background. While it's true that Flash is the output of the Flex app, it's often more useful to think of Flex like a state-based application with which you can do a lot of asynchronous things like Ajax. Are you doing something with animation where you are trying to understand the movement of an object or something?


          As far as rendering, the render event is, I believe, the last event that fires right before any component becomes visible on the screen. So I guess you could think of rendering as the process of building a visual object from all the code you've created, assembling it and adding it to the stage, kind of like addChild in Flash.

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            like_it Level 1

            Hi john,


            Thanks for the reply ,


            yes I am trying to make a stand alone air application , My confusion started when I started reading about custom components and methods like commitProperties and mesaure . The definition of these methods say that they are fired in the next render cycle after their corresponding methods are called i.e. invalidateProperties and invalidateSize     . But I am not able to understand , when does the next render cycle happens. Is it something to do with frames and frame rate or is completely independent of it.



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              John Hall Level 4

              Ah. Got you. Google a couple of things:


              Flex 4 Component Lifecycle (Flex 3's component lifecycle was a little different)

              Flex elastic race track (here's a couple: http://www.quilix.com/node/61 and http://www.craftymind.com/tag/elastic-racetrack/)


              Also looks like they did a session at Max last year: http://tv.adobe.com/watch/max-2010-develop/flex-component-development/

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                like_it Level 1

                Awesome , Thanks a lot John for the links . I was looking out for something like this.


                Now I can make my hands dirty with these information.


                Thanks Again.