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    Problems with DNxHD Codec and rendering in AE/AME/PP

    Dorian Vasco Level 1

      Hi, I have some problems with my intermediate files encoded with DNxHD. First, if I try to re-encode a file via Media Encoder it is often rendered very blue coloured. This seems to be a bug in reading the colour channels which can be tricked with a non cropping crop effect in PP.


      Furthermore, there seems to be a kind of memory leak when rendering a DNxHD source file to e.g. h.264. When directly rendering in AE, the applications freezes after some time and in AME the memory use increases with the time till its stuck.


      Please, ask me for all the details you need.


      My system is

      - Windows 7 x64 (latest updates)

      - CS 5.5 Production Premium Student (latest updates)

      - QT DNxHD Codec (version 2.3.4)


      I thought about getting the Cineform Codec, but in the moment I am in the editing of a project with quite a tight deadline, so its not good to change the workflow right now.


      Best regards,


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm not much of an expert on Avid codecs because I've not used them in about 10 years but I can tell you that you shouldn't be encoding anything you want to use for more than a test with AE's render Cue and h.264. It does a lousy job. I'm not sure why you AME is having memory problems unless it is directly relate to the DNxHD codec. The AME is the best choice for h.264. Just make sure that all your Adobe apps are up to date.


          By intermediate files I take it that you're trying to render stuff to your Avid codec so that Avid doesn't have to re-render them. If you're moving files from Premiere to AE and rendering intermediate files from PPro then I'd suggest a different workflow is in order. It doesn't sound like you're going from Avid to PPro.


          I know it's late in the game, but I've been using the Black Magic production codecs for years on the Mac with no problems. They are also available on Windows. I didn't see an Avid editing system in your pipeline so I'm wondering why you feel tied to this codec?


          I hope this helps a bit. Maybe someone with more knowledge about the Avid codecs will chime in with a better solution.

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            Dorian Vasco Level 1

            Hello Rick, thanks for your fast reply.

            Indeed, I try to avoid to render h.264 within AE.


            And, I dont have any Avid application in my workflow, but I think that the DNxHD is quite a good intermediate, even between PC and Mac. Its performance is good even on my older laptop and file size is good, too.

            I tried some other codecs, but none of them were good enough for a cross platform workflow (e.g. lagarith, prores, matrox).


            Nevertheless, I will give the blackmagic codecs a try. They are included with the Resolve lite, which just released for Windows. And also a trial of Cineform.


            Best regards,