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    Where to map "My Documents"?

    John Dimick Level 1

      I am building a new home PC. In addition to using it for the usual office and recreational purposes, I also want to use it to learn Adobe Premiere and Photoshop.


      My immediate problem is that I'm not sure where to place "My Documents"  on this machine. (I always map My Docs to a disk separate from the OS, which makes data backups much easier.)



      I've been studying Harm's Generic Guide for Disk Setup and I'll be setting up the new box with four or five HDDs according to that guide. However, it's not clear to me where "My Documents" should be mapped in order to cause the least interference with aims of the Generic Guide. "My Documents" will have to share a disk with the scratch disks or the media assets or something, but not with the OS.


      So where should it go? Or, perhaps a more useful question, where should it NOT go?


      I'm using a 256GB SSD for the OS and programs. The rest of the data/cache will be distributed among three or four 1T WD Black Caviars.



      John Dimick

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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          The reason you did not find that specific information is that it does not really matter. When editing you do not access documents at the same time, whether they are .DOC, .DOCX or .XLS files.

          In my personal case I have My Documents on a network drive, not on any local drive. That allows me to sync the complete folder with my laptop as well, so I always have full access to My Documents when on the road.

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            John Dimick Level 1

            Thank you, Harm, for your timely response.


            For now, then, in accordance with your Guide's four-disk recommendation, this will be my setup:


            - [OS, Programs] on a Crucial M4 256GB SSD

            - [Media, Projects] and [Previews, Exports] on a two-disk Aid0 drive (2x1.5T WD Black Caviar)

            - [Pagefile, Media Cache] and My Documents on the 4th disk (a single 1.5T Black Caviar).


            Thanks again,

            John Dimick