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    Thumbnail Flow Field

    Renos83 Level 1
      In Macromedia Director MX 2004, I want to know how I can have a thumbnail flow in a box with specific dimensions and a scrollbar on the bottom, so when you click on thumbnail you see a maximized version of the picture. To understand what I'm saying I'm giving you a link to explain to you what exactly I'm talking about: Go to link http://www.hauserguitars.de/english/docs/galerie.htm and click on the first option "Guitar | Personal Copy for Miguel Llobet | 1913" to see what I mean). :)
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          multiduck Level 1
          If I understand what you want correctly it's not that hard to do in director (not that you need it to replicate the example).

          First create a line of sprites with the thumbnails and one large sprite for the maximized picture, to the thumbnail sprites you now only need to attach a behavior that changes the member of the larger sprite and you are done.
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            Renos83 Level 1
            What I want is a a fixed dimensions "field" with thumbnails, and a scrollbar.
            Like a small text window with scrolling.

            I don't know how to put, for example 10 thumbnail images, in a small box with a scrollbar on the bottom of the window.
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              multiduck Level 1
              The same method still applies, you just need an extra sprite or two off stage (for when a new thumbnail comes on screen) and a couple of buttons to scroll with.

              On the scroll buttons attach a behavior that on mousedown uses sendallsprites to tell the behavior attached to the thumbnail sprites to move them all in the direction indicated of the button pressed, when a sprite reaches a certain min or max loch move it to the other side of the stage to create the illusion of a never ending scroll line. If you have more pictures than sprites you need to change the sprite member at that time too.

              If you don't want the sprites to move simply rotate the member assigned to them among the pictures you want to display.
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                Renos83 Level 1
                Thanks for the tip.

                But, is there any other way I can do this?

                I mean, is there an object like the text tool (which has the scrolling option form the property inspector) where you can add images?

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                  multiduck Level 1
                  No, you're pretty much stuck with doing one yourself through lingo.
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                    multiduck Level 1
                    Here is an example that does what you want it to do, I haven't checked the code so I'm not sure how difficult it is to implement in your application.

                    Also you have to ask permission from Luke to use it 'as is' tho.