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    I get the "Proccess does not have access to file" error hundred of times for apparent no reason?


      I have downloaded the Adobe® Flash® Builder™ 4.6 tryout and I obtain the previosly mentioned error too many times. Blocking me from executing my applications.

      Sometimes, I create a new Flex project and immediately click the Run button without changing anything, and I receive the error. Then I delete anything and add it again so Flex thinks I have "fixed something" and suddenly it works. Just to receive the same error again hundred of lines later.

      My application is working perfectly today, and the next day upon execution, I get the error (and I didn't change anything).


      It has been happening recently also, when I have a button with an ID: <s:Button id="something" label="test" />

      and if I delete the ID part <s:Button label="test" /> , it happens.


      Any idea of what could I be doing wrong?

      The File is located at the default location. I am using Windows 7.