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    How can I generate my own InDesign ePub file without the encryption.xml file?


      My bookstore (B&N) will not accept my ePub file because it doesn't want the file encryption.xml included. How can I generate an InDesign ePub file, for my own books, without it? Is there a check box somewhere? I've searched through the ePub export box and the file info boxes—no luck.


      Error message from B&N's PubIt.com:

      We have found a file name called encryption.xml within your ePub file container, which means that part of, or all of, your file is encrypted. We do not accept any encryptions within ePub source files. Upon closing this message, please remove the encryption.xml file from your ePub, and you may attempt to upload your ePub file again.

      If you wish to apply DRM to your title, go to Section 4, question H and select Yes. PubIt! will apply DRM to your title after you have uploaded your ePub file without encryption.


      Thanks for your help…