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    Premier 9 - Missing Options - Bacground Rendering and Media Analyzer


      This should be a simple question.  I cant find the options to turn off some background operations.


      I'm using Premier Elements 9.  I cant find the option to turn off "Background Rendering."  I"ve checked Edit - Preferences - General.  I expected to find a check box selection below the "Show all do not show again messages" option.  But its not there.


      Similarly, I cant find the option to disable the "Smart Tags Media Analyzer". I expected to find it at on the Organizers Menu Bar as a Edit - Preferences - Media Analyzer Options.  But when I click on the Organizer option on the Welcome Mike, Save, Undo, Redo, Organizer, Full Screen, menu bar, I go directly to the Organizer and there is no Edit option available.  My menu bar on the Organizer reaeds, Organixe, Fix, Create, Share.


      Can you help me find these two options?