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    AE and Pr won't re-install!

    Hawk Teflon

      So AE has been giving me some trouble recently, and I was getting frustrated. Nothing was working to fix it. So I uninstalled it, and tried a re-install from the disks (Production Premium CS3), but it wouldn't install. It kept giving me errors. Reading on forums that it could be thinking there are other traces of CS## on my computer, I decided to rid the computer of all Adobe products and start fresh. No big deal since all of my project files are on external drives. Well, the re-install gave me the same error, and now it won't let me install Premiere either. Everything else installs fine. No problems. But it won't let me install the main two I use ... ok, well, 2 out of 3 (I use PS more than Pr). I've tried multiple times to delete all of the files and re-install, and it's the same issue. I even tried downloading 5.5 (the trial ... I'm not made of money, people), and it'll install the trial of everything except AE and Pr 5.5. What gives?! Has anyone run into this before? I'm now AE-less and I'm not pleased.


      Please advise.


      And no ... I don't have Time Machine set up.