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    Selecting (and resizing, for example) a layer under the top layer via the Program Monitor

    rowby Level 1

      Hello all.


      Using CS5


      I am in the timeline and have selected layer 1 which is a video layer


      Layer 2 is a title layer.


      I want to manually resize layer 1, via the Program Monitor.


      But when I go to the Program Monitor and select it Layer 2 (the title layer) becomes selected, preventing me from selecting and manually resizing/repositioning Layer 1.


      The above example is a simplified version of what I usually find myself doing.  Usually I have many layers above a layer that I want to resize or reposition (or do something else) but when I try to resize or repositon via the program monitor I am only able to manipulate the top layer.


      Any suggestions, other than locking every layer other than what I want to resize etc .?