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    Adobe Reader Installation timeout at 41%

    Rockin' Robbie


      I have tried repeatedly to install Adobe reader 10.1.  I have Windows 7 64 bit OS.  I use Internet Explorer 8 or Mozilla Firefox.  I have enabled scripting in the security section as well as the intranet section of my tools>advanced settings.  I have also changed the security settings to medium or medium low.  I have disabled my AVG Security and do not have Windows Security enabled at all.  I also downloaded from the "direct" download site. 

      Here are 6 screenshots of the steps I took and the results.  If someone could tell me the solution to this, it would be greatly appreciated.



      Screenshot 1.jpg Screenshot 2.jpgScreenshot 3.jpg

      Screenshot 4.jpgScreenshot 5.jpgScreenshot 6.jpg