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    Publication of enhanced ebooks with InDesign



      I have a question for you: I'd like to produce multimedia e-books, with text, images, videos and audio players. I saw that InDesign cs 5.5 can easily do it. Can I then export in epub (3) format the multimedia ebook and place it by myself in the iStore, Androd store and so on? Or I'm forced to use the Digital Publishing Suite? I see it's great, but way too expensive for my purposes..


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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Epub is the format you’d use for iBooks and other eReaders. Not all of them have full support for advanced features such as video and audio however and I will also warn you that the term “easily” can mean different things to different people. The chances of you creating epub that requires no editing of HTML and CSS is slim and none.





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            Pier_83_19 Level 1

            Thanks so much for your answer, but let me understand better.. HTML, CSS and Javascript are not problems to me, and I'd like to sell enhanced e-books only on the iStore (only for iPads) and on the Android Store. I think thant any Android tablet or iPad should be able to reproduce a video or an audio file, am I wrong? Can I use InDesign for these purposes (multimedia epub) and then place my ebooks on these two markets without having to subscribe the digital publication suite?

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              AnneMarie Concepcion Adobe Community Professional

              You can do so for the iBookstore (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) but I don't think it's possible on the "Android Store" ... is there such a thing? I thought it was an Android App Store and I don't think they sell eBooks ... only Apps. I know that Amazon is not accepting ebooks with audio/video from individual authors or indie publishers. I believe the same is true of B&N (Nook ereaders).


              Apple's iBooks can open rich media EPUBs (video and/or audio) with limited Javascript. You really need to become an iTunesConnect reseller (free to apply) in order to get their explilcit, detailed instructions on how to set up the component files of your EPUB correctly for their device ... they're not available publicly. If it's not set up correctly they'll reject your EPUB. Rich media InDesign > EPUB can get you about 70% of the way there, but you will definitely need to add/move stuff around in the HTML/CSS and XML files after.


              I'd recommend getting Liz Castro's mini-guide ebook, "Audio and Video in EPUB" -- she comes at it from a hand-coding way, expressly for iBooks.



              So no, it's not necessary to use DPS to create rich media eBooks. Why not browse the iBookstore and look for "enhanced" ebooks to see what can be possible?



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                AnneMarie Concepcion Adobe Community Professional

                Oh and btw, InDesign can't export to EPUB3 (as you mentioned in your post at the top). So far all the eReader devices only support EPUB2.01, anyway. Apple has enabled add'l support for tags, mark-up, and assets beyond the EPUB2 spec in its current crop of devices.