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    Title issue in premiere CS 5.5


      I just discover this issue and I would like you to help me.

      I'm working on a PAL DV widescreen project. I wanted to use a title for each person on the show so I opened Title - Single Still and I drew a rectangle. So I went to fill it with a gradient (normal 2 color) from red on left to white on right. The white color was set to trasnparent whit transient color to 0.

      Well, when I built this with 0° angle (from up to down) the gradient works good and you can see it well on Premiere. If I set it to 270° (from left to right as I need) I can see on video the rectangle only for its 2/3 width on screen. The right side is cutted.
      I also tried to make this rectangle in Photoshop and import in the title desktop, well: the same issue. The rectangle made in .psd format with a color gradient and transparent background is shown only for his 2/3 widht on screen. The right side is missing. Tiff format or jpg with white backgroud work good.
      I tried to make a new projetc, just to test. The same issue. Rectangle whit a horizontal color gradient cannot be seen entirely.

      If I import the .psd file directly in the project, it is shown well, as it is.

      Please, I'd like you to try this procedure and tell me if you have the same issue.