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    setting datagrid column width according to itemrenderer.

    rakesh K.

      Hi all,

           This is my first question ever in any forum i have visited, so if you find anything stupid about my way of asking question then Pls ignore.


      I have taken a datagrid and for one of the datagrid column I have an itemrendere which is an HBOX. THe Hbox contains 3 buttons Edit, Update, cancel. At first only Edit button is visible and on click of it, It is removed from the Hbox and 2 other buttons i.e. Update and Cancel are added in the Hbox. what i want is when i add these 2 buttons the size of the datagrid column should get adjusted accordingly.

           I have serached a lot abt this but couldnt find a solution. Please help.



      Happy new year to all.....