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    Turning OFF the auto-adjust features


      I have version 9. Does anyone know how to turn off the auto-adjust feature? Every time I change the length of a clip or move it into place, PE automatically moves all the other clips to "make room" for the one I changed. Is there a way to completely turn that feature off, or at least lock out certain tracks so they can't be moved? I spend a lot of time syncing the clips with the soundtrack, and hate when it moves stuff around automatically.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          That's called rippling. And, as I say in my book, there are a couple of ways to keep it from happening (since, most of the time, you do want it to happen).


          Just hold down the Ctrl key (or the Cmd key on a Mac) when you add or move your clips and the other clips will remain in position.


          To remove a clip without rippling the rest of the timeline, select the clip and press the Delete key) next to the End key rather than deleting with the Backspace key.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            And, one little tip to add to Steve's suggestions: if you do Delete material, and do NOT Ripple Delete, you will have a gap. You will not want any gaps in your Video, so you will either want to close the gap, or fill it with Black Video (from the New Icon).


            Good luck,



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              mishelreeaayy Level 1

              Thanks! Both very helpful tips and much appreciated. The Ctrl key worked. I much prefer telling the software when and when not to close gaps and ripple rather than have it decide for me. Currently, I am working on a music video so I am syncing the video to the music and need it to stay in place. I can see how that would not be such an issue if it were the other way around.


              Not that I can afford it now, but do you know if the Pro CS5.5 version has the same auto-ripple feature?

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Actually, PrPro is just the opposite. You use the Ctrl key TO Ripple Edit. PrE's designers felt that Ripple Editing was going to be more common for its user-base, so made Ripple Editing the default. As I work with both programs, I often have to pinch myself, to remind me which I am using, as this function is just reversed.


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