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    Resolution Xtra and secondary monitor

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      I'm using Resolution xtra to change the resolution on my monitor

      My PC with windows XP has 2 monitors

      And when I change resolution for primary monitor, using function

      cSuccess =

      then resolution on secondary monitor is also changed. I'm not sure but it
      can be that resolution on secondary monitor changes to some other dimentions
      as on primary monitors

      Any suggestions?

      Any help will be appreciated

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          kindaian Level 1
          Depends ALOT...

          There are graphic cards where the resolution set in the first monitor must be equal to the second, and so the driver itself will adjust the second one when the primary one is changed.

          On windows can you set-up different resolutions? Or are the resolutions linked up? [one way to link them is to have a "wide" virtual monitor that some other drives allows to configure]

          Hope it helps,