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    Chapters in AppleTv, iPod,or iPad export?


      Does any one know how to keep chapter markers when exporting/encoding to  iPod, iPad, or appletv formats using adobe media encoder?

      The presets for apple devices built into the media encoder don't support chapters. Adobe user manual states that QuickTime format retains chapter markers, but these chapter markers are only supported in Quicktime. I built a preset in the QuickTime format and it does have chapters but these chapters are not recognized by devices like an iPad or appletv. I see that chapter support for Appletv is a specific feature of Apple's Compressor software. However I don't think that it is anything extremely complex to add as a feature since the open source software Handbrake also supports chapters exported to Apple devices.

      Does anyone have any work arounds?

      Exporting to QuickTime DV then using QuickTime to convert to iPod or iPad is not an efficient use of my time. Plus my goal is to export in hd.