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    Spark Skin - Trouble finding selected itemimage


      Hey All,


      I've applied this solution to my project http://www.flex4fun.com/Ex/ComboBoxNew3/ComboBoxNew3.html except what I want to do is display the image and not the text.


      In the skin for the solution above I replaced this


      <s:TextInput id="textInput"

      left="0" right="18" top="0" bottom="0"





      <s:Image source="{hostComponent.selectedItem.source}"/>


      <s:Image source="{hostComponent.selectedItem.icon}"/>


      I have a feeling that {hostComponent.selectedItem.source} wont work in my case becuase the source has two parts to it, a label and an image. 


      Anybody got any ideas that when I select an item from my combobox that the image only is dispayed in the bombobox label?


      Thanks for your time!