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    Why would CS5 key-config say I can't use a key (combo) when I can?

    Astara_ Level 1

      I was looking at my keyboard shortcuts (not that I can remember half of the ones that are assigned!), but looking at things I did more often and things I never used (and things I really didn't want to accidentally use, like toggling saving transparency assigned next to 'shift' to the / key..)..


      But a one thing I did access frequently was blending options... so I figured, why not Ctl-Shft-B ?   Little message pops up and says I can't use that key as a short cut.  No reason given -- I tried just Ctl-B, but it was assigned to something else (color balance or such and gave an ominous "you can't use _any_other_ key for color balance"..(Huh?)...whatever..., went back to my 1st choice Ctl-Shft-B.  "You can't use this key as a shortcut...Grrr...well, what happens if I just hit enter?...


      Click -- it saved it.   save config choices.. press Ctl-Shft-B -- Up comes Blending options.  ?!?!!?


      I'd never seen such  a weird message --- several other combos use Ctl-Shft-<letter>, so why would it complain about C-S-'B' but weirder... when I just go ahead and 'do it., it works?  Why would I be told I'm not allowed to use a key combo when I am?   Is there some law I don't know about?


      Just wondering what else I'm told I can't do that I really can and wondering what else is not really true when it gives prompts that seem entirely illogical ---- and that are also 'wrong'?