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    AVI clips being vertically rescaled when preview rendered


      I'm using Premiere Pro CS5, to complete a 2400*600 triplhead2go composition. I set it up Desktop, 2400*600, square pixels, 25fps & previews at the same res. All of the source clips are from After Effects (800*600, square pixels, uncompressed avi) and I want to put three 4:3 clips next to each other.


      This worked perfectly when I tested it in AE, but I'm wanting to edit in Premiere. I import the clips, set the positions (X=400, 1200 and 2000) but as soon as I hit enter to render the footage, the vertical height is squished to about a third of the actual clip size. If I scale the clips to 101% or any other, exactly the same scaling problem happens when I render the timeline.


      When I try to export to test if the same thing happens, I can't set an output resolution of more than 1920. I'm not sure what I've done wrong! The clips seem definitely ok, it works in AE & they play at the correct res in multiple players so I can only assume something's wrong in my Premiere settings. Is there a workaround or something I should change when setting up the project?


      Any help is enormously appreciated as I've reached a dead end.