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    Help Me Please - 200 of my things were sent to the trash

    Cris is Bliss Level 1


      Hello All,


      I had deleted from my AE< Plugin folder, New Blue Cartoon.

      A window popped up that said "ancilary files associted with deleted item were found". (I think this is an action caused by CNET, I recently downloaded it to automatically check for updates)

      There was a choice to Confim or Verify Trash (I dont remember exactly what it said) or Cancel.


      I assumed these files were directly associated with what I throw away and the computer was going to collected files I did not need, so I selected TRASH.


      When I looked in the trash all kinds of scripts, folders,  effects and plugins that I know are associated with AE were in there.  Almost 200 different items.  I could cry right now.  But at least I have the items in the trash, I just don't know where they all belong. 


      Some of the items are things I downloaded with tutorials(QubaHQ Splatter_Type), other are trial versions (Magic Bullets), or scripts I bought, and some I have no idea where they came from or where they belong.  There are some empty folders and I'm wondering if the contents were taken out, but there are also folder that have content in them.  And then there are for example TrackerViz.jsx  and TrackerViz.png.  I know where the script goes but the .png I have know idea.


      Back in the AE folder the only thing left in the Plug-in folder is AEFlame.plugin and NewBlue.  The New Blue is what I was throwing out and Its still there and everything elseis in the garbage. I don't believe this ****.


      In my AE<Preset folder only the folder of presets that I created remain.

      In my AE<Scripts folder on/y the Duac folder is there with one scirpt in it (i think there were several)

      In my AE<Templates folder there is one template, I've never been in this folder before so I don't have any recollection of how full it was.


      Judging by this Im hoping that all of the stuff in the trash came from these folders from Applications<AfterEffect and not from Hard Drive<Library<Application Support< etc... or some place else<plugin etc.....


      If anyone can help in any way it would be deeply appreciated on this last day of the year. Even If you can tell me where 2 or 3 itmes go eventually I will get them all back in place.


      Thanks in advance


      using CS4 on a Mac  OS 10.6.8