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    I just downloaded After Effects CS5.5 Trial and can't save my project


      Everything appers to work fine. I can add video, images, sound, but when i click save-save as, nothing happens. When I close the project it asks, do you wish to save "untiled project.aep" before closing and I click yes. Nothing happens, AE closes and the work is lost. I've reinstalled AE twice. I redownloaded the installation packet the second time in case something was corrupted. I used the online chat help, but they told me to call tech support. Trouble is, they're closed for 2-3 days depending upon the holiday. If any of you folks have any ideas, please let me know. Also, I use a lot of Adobe products and as a result, I've deleted all of the preferences folders several times to no avail. I know that those can get wonky and cause issues in Adobe products from time to time. By the way, no errors are coming up. Windows Vista 64 bit