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    Big delay when swapping between other applications and Premiere CS5

    Royhessey Level 1

      I create a new project, import my video files and my audio files etc etc and work on the project, then I may switch to another application such as Encore, or Photoshop or even Notepad

      WITHOUT exiting Premeire, and when I return to Premiere I get a 30 second or longer delay  with hour glass cursor showing.


      It is so time consuming, especially when working on a large project.


      I cannot recall having this problem in CS4 or the earlier versions of Premiere.


      I am running Windows 7 64 bit, 12 gig ram, a 10,000rpm HDD dedicated to Video Editing and defrag a lot.


      Any suggestions would be welcome.

      and happy new year from us in Australia

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          As soon as PR loses the focus, it releases memory to other applications, but when it regains focus it has to reload everything that was released earlier. On systems that have limited disk I/O speed, for instance with only two physical disks, as I understand is the case in your situation, that means a lot of work for that dedicated drive and causes delays. Better disk I/O speed will reduce the waiting.


          Second, improvements in CS5.03 have reduced the waiting significantly over CS5.0, so if you have not updated to the latest version, do that first.