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    Is there a way to see or play two video tracks at the same time?


      I have video shot using two cameras at the same event.  If I take the video and put it in a sequence, say video1 and video2, how can I watch both tracks at the same time so I can edit them?  I tried using multi-camera monitor and have that show video1, while watching video2 in the right hand panel, but it doesn't work very well.  By that, I mean the multi-camera monitor does not play at the same time.  Instead, it stops, then when I play the other monitor it is still until I stop the other one.  Then, it "catches up".  If I play the multi-monitor, the other one is still until I stop the multi-cam monitor.  So, anybody have a better solution that I can use where they both play at the same time?

      BTW, my hardware is brand new and I have a 6-core i7-3930K processor with 16 GB of memory, so I don't believe the problem is with my hardware not being enough to run PPro 5.0 correctly.