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    What is the best learning path for server/Flex 4.5 interaction?


      I am new to Flex and have no experience with server technologies. I am feeling overwhelmed by the dizzying number of options and the chore of having to learn enough about each one to simply make a decision where to start. I don't think I have enough lifetime left to learn Java, Coldfusion, LiveCycle, BlazeDS, .NET, PHP. I have had trouble with using examples due to the setup required and complexity of configuring server connections etc. I don't want to spend months learning one of these only to learn that is it is a dying branch of the tree or not applicable to what I want to do. I would appreciate some unbiased suggestions from experienced developers (who don't have a dog in the race) so that I end up with a solid base for developing database applications in Flex. I have moderate experience with AS3, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and have spent a considerable about of time with the excellent Flex in a Week training vids. Thanks in advance for any help.