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    Imported footnotes from word


      I am working on a book that I imported from a doc file. The book has over 100 footnotes and imported nicely, as in the footnotes flow with the text.


      My problem is that I need to break up the text and create side bar info boxes. Some of these side bar info boxes have footnote references, but because the side bar info is in it's own text box, the footnote is at the bottom of the side bar instead of the bottom of the page.


      I could manually copy and paste the footnote to the bottom of the page, but that would ruin my footnote numbering throughout the book. And since I have over 100 footnotes, I do not want to do this manually.


      I have figure out that linking my body copy text box with side bars text boxes with footnotes retain the footnote numbering, but, still leaves me with the problem of footnotes at the bottom of the side bar text instead of the bottom of the page.


      Any help would be appreciated.



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          One work around is to move the footnote marker int the regular flow of text, then apply a style to it that makes the size of the marker .1 pt and sets its color to [None] so it doesn't show, then manually insert a naumber in the sidebar. The downside here is that the real marker is invisible except in story editor if you are doing any more editing.

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            MW Design Level 5

            Well, one could argue that footnotes for sidebars are unusual. In one sense, sidebars are expanded notes that themselves do not need/require their own footnotes. So personally, I would simply remove the notes. If a note for a sidebar is necessary in the sense of pointing one to material for further reference, it can be included in its own paragraph style, perhaps italicized, to refer to the reference.


            Threading through a sidebar seems an invitation to flow issues during and post editing. But it can be done.




            Here there are three frames. Main column, sidebar and a small frame positioned at the bottom for the footnote reference and the footnote proper. The footnote reference is in its own paragraph, with its own paragraph style that sets the text to white. You can see this in the next screen shot because zoomed out, ID shows a  marker when text is too small to see (even if it doesn't actually show/print anyway):



            Note that I have moved the frame itself higher than the other footnote frame so the separator aligns with the one on the left column.


            I can upload a ID file if you desire to examine it.


            But...I do encourage you to think about the necessity to even have footnotes in sidebars in the first place.


            Take care, Mike

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              FiddleheadCreative Level 1

              Thank you for your help, I do agree with you, this book load with unnecessary footnotes in my opinion. I would like to delete them, but it's not the intention of the author so I must respect that. Thanks for the visuals.

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                FiddleheadCreative Level 1

                Great! Thanks! That should do the trick!

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                  MW Design Level 5

                  One advantage if they must be used is if something seems amiss during a final review, you can change the paragraph style for the footnote numbers to black so you can see them, make any flow changes, then set it back to white.


                  Glad it helped.


                  Take care, Mike