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      Hi, I have several question regarding saving/burning/exporting:

      1. There are only 3 ways to share final video - DVD, BR and AVCHD. In DVD I can choose to save it either to Disk or Folder. In BR there is only Disk. Why? It would be very nice to save it to folder and burn later on BR discs.

      2. In AVCHD there are same like in DVD but its limited only to 4,7 or 8,5 GB but its not enought for HD video. A 25 GB would be nicer.

      3. In menu File there is Export option but is always grey and its not possible to use it or is there a way how to activate and use it? What is the purpose of this function?


      Thanks for answers.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The Export feature was disabled a couple of generations ago and was replaced by the Share tab, which gives you a much greater variety of options.


          There is no option to output a 25gig disc under the Share/Disc/AVCHD option. However, if you select the BluRay disc output option, you will find several H.264 outputs, which produce AVC BluRay discs.


          You are correct, you can not burn a BluRay video to a folder on your hard drive. This is why many people at Premiere Elements support forum http://Muvipix.com prefer to supplement Premiere Elements with DVD Architect Studio 5, a $39 download from Sony. This program can work with video edited in Premiere Elements and build DVDs and BluRays with a much wider ranger of options.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            The ability to Burn to Folder for BD has never been in PrE. Many have filed Feature Requests for that, but so far, it has not been added, though exists in Adobe Encore, the full-featured authoring app, that ships, and installs with PrPro.


            Many use a 3rd party utility, like Phantom Drive, that "fools" PrE into thinking that a folder on their HDD is really a BD burner. There are several such utilities, but all pretty much work the same way - create a folder on the HDD, and tell PrE that it is really a BD burner.


            Good luck,



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              Goore108 Level 1

              This is bad news that its impossible to Burn BD to Folder.... Fake BD burner is good idea but I didnt find other utility than Phantom Drive (there are two versions on Internet from two developers) which is not free!

              Despite the first decision for Premiere Elements I will definitely try other video editing software too because saving final BD content to folder is very important for me. I really dont want to be disappointed after 5 hours of encoding that burning wasnt successful and encode BD everytime I want burn it again.


              Thanks for your replies.



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                nealeh Level 5

                I'm not aware of any free Virtual Burner programs. Another one is the Virtual CD program.


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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  IIRC, there is both a Phantom Drive, and also a Phantom Burner (or very similar name).


                  I have not needed to use any, as I use Adobe Encore for authoring, so do not have any recommendation for which might be worth the $, but see all three mentioned by other users.


                  Good luck,



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