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    Adjusting Date/Time in PE10 works differently for images vs. videos

    JMBinCO Level 1

      I can adjust the date/time in PE10 Organizer for any file. The reason do this is to get photos or videos that were shot with incorrect dates/times to match up correctly in date/time to others. This can happen when you forget to update your camera's time or when on travel. You may also process or convert a video file into another format. This does not preserve the date of the original file.


      However, if you update the thumbnails, or simply move files/folders, or upgrade versions/catalogs etc., then the dates changes are not preserved. PE only saves the dates/times adjustments to the external file - modified file date/time. However, it only does this for .jpg (or photos). It does not change the video file date/times.


      So why behave differently for photos vs. videos?