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    quicktime video flickering

    whitestar7 Level 1
      Hi all,

      I know this has been mentioned before, but I couldnt find any old posts with the solution. so apologies if I am repeating this.

      I have added several quicktime movies (1024x576, 25fps, compression=sorenson 3), the files need to be bigger than normal as it will be presented on a cinema screen.

      When the movies start to play the movie flickers at the beginning, this is a massive problem and I havent been able to find a working solution, I have tried the stagecolour workaround, but this doesnt work.

      Thanks for your help guys
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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          The video is flickering at the start because the data rate is too high for Quicktime to stream the file as it starts. There isn't enough data available when Quicktime starts to play the file. The solution is very simple. Set the QT member to be stopped when it loads. Place the QT sprite in the timeline a few frames before you want it to start playing. You can hide the sprite by setting its directToStage property to false and placing another sprite in front of it. I usually place QT sprites behind the background sprite(s). This will allow Director to get the Quicktime player ready to stream the file. When you want to play the QT file, change the directToStage property to true and set the movieRate to 1. It should play smoothly.
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            whitestar7 Level 1
            I know this will sound obvious, but I havent used Director in quite some time.

            Would I be doing this using lingo?
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              whitestar7 Level 1
              This has definately worked in stopping the flicker but now there is a 7 second delay whilst the lingo is switching the DTS to True, there is nothing else on the screen at the time of the QT movie playing. If I disable the DTS switching on and off, it plays through faster but I get the flicker back
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                robdillon Most Valuable Participant
                I've never heard of switching the DTS taking any measurable amount of time before. It may be a result of the image size. Could you elaborate on how you are changing the DTS property? What does the function look like and where is it placed?
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                  whitestar7 Level 1
                  the stage size is 1024x576, and the quicktime movie is of the same size, the reason for the large size is because the presentation will be displayed on a large cinema screen. Here is the spec of the quicktime movie:

                  Codec: sorenson 3
                  data rate: 6000kbs
                  file size is: 50mb

                  is it possible to attach a jpeg of the timeline in these forums?
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                    No, but you can post it to a free image service like bayimg.com or something
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                      whitestar7 Level 1
                      here is a screengrab of the score


                      SCRIPT-ONE (makes the playhead stay on current fram till mouse is clicked)
                      on exitframe
                      go the frame

                      end exitframe

                      on mouseDown
                      _movie.go(_movie.frame + 1)
                      end mousedown

                      on endSprite
                      -- reset cursor when playback head leaves frame
                      cursor 200
                      end endSprite

                      SCRIPT TWO(sets the movierate to 0 & sets DTS to false)
                      on exitFrame me
                      SPRITE(1).movierate = 0
                      member("GENRE Natural History_DATA_6000").directToStage = FALSE
                      end exitFrame me

                      SCRIPT THREE (sets the movierate to 1 & sets DTS to true)
                      on exitFrame me
                      SPRITE(1).movierate = 1
                      member("GENRE Natural History_DATA_6000").directToStage = TRUE
                      end exitFrame me

                      It is when SCRIPT 3 kicks in that it slows down to a crawl
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                        robdillon Most Valuable Participant
                        I don't see anything really wrong with what you've done there. I wouldn't put a mouse event in a frame script, but that's incidental and doesn't impact the video at all. Does it take 7 seconds for the video to show up after the dts is changed?

                        If you leave the video's dts set to true, but use the movierate control that you already have in the frame scripts, how does the video play?
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                          whitestar7 Level 1
                          Hi Rob,

                          thanks for replying. If i disable the DTS function in the script it plays through at the right pace but the flicker returns.

                          I put the wait on mouse where it is because I have set a handler within the script to use navigation keys to go back and forward
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                            robdillon Most Valuable Participant
                            I'm pretty much out of ideas. I don't see anything wrong with any of your methods. The only reason that I can see a delay would be with the processor in the computer that you're using. Do you have another computer that you can play a projector on? Preferably one that is either faster or slower, so that you can judge what impact the processor has on the speed of decompressing the video file.

                            Alternately, you could try different compressions with lower data rates until you hit a point where you get good playback and still have a good image.
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                              I would try the same movie with different codecs. I once saw a somewhat
                              similar issue with a MPEG-1 movie that was made at a size that was out
                              of the MPEG-1 spec. It would play fine in every program except the
                              Quicktime xtra in Director where it would skip for the 1st 2 seconds of
                              the movie. It even played properly in Quicktime standalone. I had it
                              recompressed at a more standard size and it worked fine. It also worked
                              fine even at the incorrect size when played through Mpeg Advance as
                              opposed to the QT xtra, but the client would not pay for that xtra, so
                              we had to spend more money to recompress the video a bunch of times.
                              Ahh clients...

                              So you may get off easy if it works in MpegAdvance. Or try a different
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                                whitestar7 Level 1
                                Hi Guys,

                                thanks again for replying.

                                I will try a different computer first, then I will try different codecs, including mpeg 2 as I am already using the mpegadvance xtra and have purchased a full copy.

                                Will let you know in the next few days how it goes
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                                  I do not recommend using Mpeg-2, unless you know for a fact that the
                                  codec will be on your target computers. It does not come preinstalled
                                  on Windows (It may come with Vista, but definitely not XP). It is
                                  usually installed along with DVD playig software on machines that have
                                  DVD drives, but it is not standard, and you can not count on people
                                  having it.
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                                    whitestar7 Level 1
                                    Hi Guys,

                                    This presentation will be a standalone presentation, to be displayed on a cinema screen, and will only be on one computer, hence the size of the files and also why I am not concerned with playback on others machines.
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                                      whitestar7 Level 1

                                      Hi Guys, well after much testing and trying and probing and prodding, I have got to the bottom of the problem and the solution.

                                      The problem is with the Hardware acceleration on my Nvidia NVS graphics card. When I turn the hardware acceleration off there is no flicker at all.

                                      I thank you all for your help and hope this thread at least helps others who might come across this problem.