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    Flash Catalyst - how to encapsulate components


      Hi everybody


      I have created an interactivew project in Flash Catalyst, however, just as I am about to add the final states to the project, I am told that I am limited to 20 states. Apparently I have exceeded that number and cannot finish my project, which has taken me hours to create.

      The help file tells me that the way around the limitation is to encapsulate components. Unfortunately, there are no concrete examples of how to do that.

      If someone can help me out here, I shall be very grateful.





      Hi again


      I realize that it is difficult to help me unlless I'm more specific as to my project.

      The project has a main window with a vertical menu with 10 buttons which displays in every state and opens with an application transition:


      I have an 'on click' interaction on each of the buttons, which transitions the user to "contents 1" on a page with a scrolling bar component, using a flex component from the common library:



      The button in the lower right corner brings the user to a scrolling panel sub page:



      The button in the lower right corner opens a pdf document to allow the reader to print the subject.


      This is the structure for all 10 buttons in the vertical navigation bar.


      Futhermore, I have animated background boxes coming in from the bottom on the scroplling panel pages.


      I was not aware of the 20 states limitation before I started the project and am hoping that I can still save the project by finding a work around that will allow me to fit all my items and their contents into the existing structure, some magic recipe ;0)


      If this is not possible, I am hoping that someone can instruct me on how to design the structure to avoid the problem next time around.


      Any help will be VERY MUCH APPRICIATED.


      By the way, I think Adobe should definitely introduce the states limitation at an early point in their tutorials, so that it does not come as a nasty surprise when it is too late. I have watched all the adobe video tutorials and there is no mention of this limitation.

      I hope that they will bring a video tutorial on how to work your way around it, with step by step examples, as soon as possible.




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