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    Importing files and sound disappearing while viewing file

    seansrs40 Level 1

      I have not used my camcorder in awhile. I decided to do some video yesterday and now I am trying to get into CS5.5. I have a Sony HDR-SR12. I used to just copy the files onto my desktop and then import into Premiere. I noticed when I would import the files, sometimes the sound is fine but sometimes it is not. If I delete the file and recopy it is fine. I also listened to it on the camcorder and it was fine no issues. My questions are the following:


      Why when I import a file, why is there sometimes no sound but if I delete it and re-import it will work?



      Some of the files, the sound when playing on the computer will stop half way through the clip. When I listen to it on the camcorder it is fine?


      I would love any help I could get.