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    Link a flash animation to a page?


      Hello, I'm wanting to link a flash animation to a page on my site.


      These are the steps i have taken so far


      Open flash , create New symbol (choose button) named it flashflashbutton


      Then still in symbol section,


      File import.


      I then import a flash animation I made .swf.


      Now when I import it the animations frames stretch across the up, hit, ect.  I am sure this isn't the correct way to do it.

      How do I import an animation and put all the keyframes (hence the animation ) just into the up mode.


      As atm when i go to scene view, open librarary and drag it into scene view.


      Then test movie, It plays one frame if i hover over it it plays another frame.


      I assume the answer to this is sumhow put all the frames in the up mode, and another anim on the hit mode?


      How do I do this , i think i'm pretty close - I am missing something can't work it out.


      I'm also using Flash Macromedia 5

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Instead of importing the animation, use it to create a movieclip in the file with the button and use that movieclip in your button.  To copy the other file into a moviclip, open the fla, select all the frames/layers in the timeline, then right click the selection and choose Copy Frames.  Then create a new MovieClip symbol, select the keyframe in its one layer, right click that selected keyframe and choose Paste Frames.  that should paste all of the frames/layers that you copied.  Then take that movieclip and copy/paste it from the one fla 's library into the other fla's library.

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            Webhelp101 Level 1

            Hi thankyou for your quick reply ned, and sorry for my late reply, the reply button wasn't appearing?


            Okay I have taken your steps ( think the bes way) I am very new to flash so step by step would be excellent if not to much trouble. But I have tried it also I need when I import it into the scene - stage by dragging it from the library to be able to right click ad do the action "get url " (which has the release)


            I have tried movie before and the get url option seems to just load straight away into another page without even clicking on it?



            would you mind if okay say exact steps so do i goto insert new symbol movie clip? first step


            steps i done so far in the main stage view i import my flash swf animation (that I done in after effects)


            I thin have selected all the frames copy then I go to insert new symbol (movie)


            I thne pasted the key frames as you said into the frame first frame .


            "Then take that movieclip and copy/paste it from the one fla 's library into the other fla's library."


            I'm confused by this doesn't everything i create go into a library am i still to drag this into the scene view.


            I think i am up to the copy the frames onto the movie first frame.


            I have found with the movie thouh when I drag it into the scene from libraraby i dont have the get url release option i do with a button?


            thanks advance for you help , and sorry for late reply aswell cheers

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I gave step by step instructions, so if you could create the new movieclip using them, keep trying.


              You said you wanted to have the animation inside the button, so what you would do is drag the animation into one of the frames inside your button symbiol.


              Your release code for the getURL command should be assigned to the button.  If your code is immediately opening the window, it is not tied in to the button symbol.

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                Webhelp101 Level 1

                Hi I no your right as the animation is playing good but when i test movie , and hover the mouse pointer over the anim the mouse pointer is only reacting every now and then?


                these are the steps i have taken


                I start flash

                insert new symbol ( movie option)

                then import the flash anim swf.

                then copy the frames

                then as you said copy the symbol


                then create another symbol (buttonwork (called it) option)

                then paste the symbol - which you are correct finally have animation on the up fram which it should be


                then i go to scene view, drag the button


                then i right click on the symbol (in the scene view) get url chose www.google.com


                test movie


                when i hover the pointer over the anim it, only goes to the hand pointer in some weird point in the frame


                i dont think i'v done it right?

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                  Webhelp101 Level 1

                  should i only be pasting the movie in the up section on the button symbol?



                  maybe its my flash test movie not responding properly?


                  I will export it and bring it into dreamweaver , maybe its my test movie option thats slow to respond?


                  I have followed your steps.


                  Open flash then new symbol, ( choose movie)

                  then import my flash anim, copy the frames


                  then create another new symbol choose button


                  then click in work area choose paste, which puts the animation as you said in one frame (up section)


                  then go back to scene work space fla drag the button in


                  right click then actions get url choose google as the link to go to


                  then test movie the hand (icon) when hover over doesn't instantly respond.


                  I will export it anyways and try it now.

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                    Webhelp101 Level 1

                    the link get url option isn't working,


                    Sorry hope i'm not annoying you i'm trying ,


                    the button already appears in the library once created. (when in fla - scene section)


                    then drag it right click get url, its not workin


                    thank you so much also again for your help, can you see what i'm doing wrong at all?



                    I think i have followed the steps


                    fla (workplace view)

                    import my flash anim

                    right click copy the frames, then create new symbol (movie)

                    copy the frames

                    which brings up my anim in the workspace i right click that

                    create new symbol name it (buttonwork)

                    then paste the keyframes on the little box under up?? is that what i'm doing wrong do i create a new layer?

                    then go back to fla. (workspace view)

                    choose window options library find the buttonwork

                    drag it into work space right click choose get url : http://www.google.com


                    teste movie dont work

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                      Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Your descriptions of what you have tried are very difficult to understand.  YOu should be assigning an instance name to the button that you place on the stagem and in the timeline you should assign the getURL code to the button as as the following...


                      yourBtnName.onRelease = function(){




                      where "yourBtnName" is replaced with whatever name you decided to assign to the button.

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                        Webhelp101 Level 1

                        Thankyou for your help ned I still can't get it working. (I'm using macromedia 5?)

                        I'm feeling stupid atm can't get it working . I must have tried every bit of option.


                        I will right it out as your instructions explain and what I'm doing, maybe you can see what I'm missing.


                        step 1 - open flash program

                        then Import my swf. anim that I exported from after effects. (it imports and i get a bunch of circle frame dots that run across. .ie. the frames.


                        Instead of importing the animation, use it to create a movieclip in the file.

                        (Is this the first mistake i'm making? I am still suppose to import the file first step then copy the frames?)


                        Step 2 - I copy the frames (straight after just importing it)

                        I select all the frames on the timeline, right click. copy frames


                        Step 3 - I go up to the interface at the top and choose - Insert - new symbol (and I choose movie clip I name it (moonmovieclip)


                        I'm now in movie clip view - I then go up to the movie clip timeline right click and paste frames.


                        After I done that


                        Step 4 -  I go up to the top interface and again choose insert - new symbol - button (I call it moon button)


                        I'm now in Button view where I see UP/OVER/DOWN/HIT


                        (still in button edit mode ) I go to window Libraray to open the library I then scroll down to find (moonmovieclip)

                        I then click the frame below (UP) I then go to drag the moon movie clip onto the stage but It doesn't do anything.


                        So then i click the box below UP and choose insert keyframe,


                        After then I can drag the (moonmovieclip) onto the stage. So I need to create a frame in the UP first before dragging it on the stage is this correct?


                        At this point if I go to the top panel and choose control (test movie) It is animating nice and smothly.


                        I then go new fla and drag the moon button onto the stage


                        right click it, then actions get url and it comes up the release ect get url


                        I type in http://www.google.com


                        Okay.. it seems to have worked this time ?, finally Okay I wonder what I done different before? Is i the order in which i select the frames initially?


                        My next problem though, sorry to ask another one is when I have been exporting I get the big white box around my animation is there to export the flas anim so the white behind it is alpha?


                        Or make the movie properties (stage size) the same as the animation on the stage? without having to reajust the properties box. Because when I was doing some testing yesterday, bits of the flash box stick out on dreamweaver. Even though done the exact size (with no left white edges around the object) in flash?


                        Thankyou heaps for your help NED cheers.

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                          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          YOu cannot change the stage size outside of using the properties box.  To have the background not display you can try setting the "wmode" parameter to be transparent in your html embedding code, otherwise, there is nothing you can do in the Flash file itself to hide the stage except just making it the same color as the html page background that it sits on.

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                            Webhelp101 Level 1

                            okay , well atm its a bit like after effects each anim needs its own compesition correct size, thats okay, just wondering if there was an export without background option.


                            Thanks ned your an absolute legend, I'm not like lighting with this now ha ha , even putting anim in up mode then changin it in hit mode by adding key frames then window effects ect.


                            flash is kewl really liking it, getting into interactive movies .


                            Um question, when I put a movie on my site, is there different movie playing options, I notice on alot of sites there using JW player or something.


                            DO i need this player or after effects can do it just the same?



                            thanks in advance, oh and happy new year (thanks for your help your a legend) wouldn't have worked it out without you.