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    An Unexpected and Unrecoverable problem...(Mac OS Lion 10.7.2)

    n8vdudeSF Level 1

      Ran into an issue where I had the licensing error problem (failed to read about it here in the forums) so I thought I had to reinstall CS3 completely on my iMac. So I uninstalled it and performed the reinstallation. All the applications launch without issue and seem to be running fine with the exception of PhotoShop CS3. I get the following warning when launching it:


      Screen Shot 2011-12-04 at 3.11.02 PM.png


      I have played around with plugins (because I read somewhere that this could be the cause). All of the plugins within the Photoshop app folder seem to be Adobe plugins. Is there a different location where I can find third party plugins that is NOT within the app folder? I should add that I also ran the fix permissions from Apple's Disk Utility and all comes up fine there.


      I would like to get it running (currently, I have installed it as a stand alone on my MacBookPro and it is running fine there) with the rest of the CS suite. Any ideas on how to resolve?


      Much appreciated for anyone's time if they have run into this or know how to resolve. Might be a quick fix, but at the moment it elludes me.