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    How to export EVS MXF from Premiere Pro 5.5


      I'm in the process of delivering a video to a production company that will be airing on CBS Sports in two days. They say they need it in EVS MXF and one of the production guys claims that the MXF formats in Encoder are not what they're looking for. He says the only product he knows of that can convert to the format is "FlipFactory" which is a paid program. I'm in the process of installing the trial version and it's giving me a hard time. I was wondering if anyone knew any workflows or solutions to export 1080p EVS MXF from Premiere. I'm running Windows Vista and the timeline is 29.97 1080p square h.264 mp4 files. Source footage was mostly shot on 5D DSLR and converted to mp4 for ease of editing. Thanks for any help you can give.