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    Autosize FRAME to content


      I am trying to find a way to stop an image from getting automatically resized to the frame when the image is updated, even though this auto size option is NOT selected.


      When an existing graphic is modified (in Illustrator) in such a way that the dimensions of the graphic change (such as adding or removing a callout), CS5 is automatically changing the scale of the image to fit the previous dimensions of the frame. Note that the auto fitting option is turned off.


      In case that doesn't make sense, here is a specific example. An Illustrator image was placed that contains a photo and some callouts. One of these callouts extended past the boundry of the photograph. The frame was sized to include this callout. This callout was later changed so it did not extend outside the boundry of the photograph. When the link was updated, the image was automatically rescaled to 105% so that the new image filled the entire width of the frame.


      In the past (CS3) if the dimensions of the image changed, the image was not scaled automatically, I don't remember if the frame changed automatically (I suspect it did) or if I had to manually change the size. In either case, the scale of the image didn't change. All of my graphics are created with the intention of always maintaining 100% scale, especially because they contain text.


      I notice that in the Auto Fit dialog that there is not an option to auto fit the frame to the content. Also, once the image gets scaled, there is no simple "reset" either. I have to select the object and manually set the scale back to 100%.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          The problem is most likely in your choice of cropping otpions when you imported the art. Choosing "art" or "bounding box" results in a tight crop to the actual content, but it also means when you update the art the area that is in use may change, and your art will scale in ID. Choosing "crop" or "media" instead will require you to manually adjust the frame to the content, but it will not scale when updating.

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            RTS_Engineering Level 1

            Thanks. I looked at the crop options, but that solution comes with penalties that are worse than the original problem. I would have to reset the Illustrator artboard to fit Illustrator's content. Or I would have to manually resize all frames on placement, etc. (can never use "Fit Frame to Content").


            I still have CS3 running, so I went into an old document and saw that the crop option was set to default on "Bounding Box" and when changed in Illustrator, it neither scaled the image nor changed the frame size. CS3 was handling it properly. CS5 is not.


            I'm still hoping someone has a simple solution to this.

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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Do you have “preserve image dimensions when relinking” selected in your preferences?





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                TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                "I would have to reset the Illustrator artboard to fit Illustrator's



                In CS5 that's really easy to do. What's the problem with that option?



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                  RTS_Engineering Level 1

                  That did it. I had seen the "Preserve image dimensions when relinking" check box, but assumed it should be checked to keep the dimensions fixed from the source, not the opposite. When checked, it remembers transformations made within InDesign. When unchecked, it maintains the source file parameters.


                  EDIT: Just FYI, but I just manually scaled an image, and THAT scale is retained as it should be when the image is updated/relinked. All is good. Thanks.