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    Vivitar SMS 28mm 2.8 MC CloseFocusWideAngle C/FD Lens Profile (built on Canon 60D)

    BertCinematographer Community Member

      I've created a lens profile today for theVivitar SMS 28mm 2.8 MC CloseFocusWideAngle C/FD on a Canon 60D using the Fotodiox adapter.  I sent it to Adobe for posting publicly.   If anyone would like to download it in the meantime you can find it here:

      Please click this link


      I might have messed it up.  It's my second time creating a profile and seemed to work fine for me in Lightroom.  Let me know if there are any improvements to be made. I used f5.6  and the imager was about 5 feet from the chart.