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    Adobe CS5 bridge.exe keeps disappearing

    GitAmager1 Level 1

      I reinstalled my pc and went from Vista Premium to Windows 7 Premium. Installed PS CS5 64 bit and 32 bit (work mainly with the 64 bit version) and initially had a lot of problems. The software would abort immediately telling me I had not sufficient rigths (and icons on the desktop would then also disappear). Now I can start the software from the desktop using the option "run as administrator" (I have been logged on as administrator the whole time - am the only user of the pc). A bit annoying but it works (I do not have this problem with any other software). I do, however, still have a problem with bridge. It can only be started from inside PS itself. I made a link on the desktop and it worked at first. Then the icon disappeared and also the exe file could no longer be found in the pathfinder. I updated the software - got the exe file back after reinstallation of the updates but now the same thing happens.

      Can anybody tell me what is wrong? I would hate to have to install the software again and have in fact already done this 3 three times so I doubt this will help me.


      All other software (and I have plenty) behave normally.