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    Access MySQL Database on Server with PHP Services

    ecoFLEXER Level 1

      Hi there


      There are lots of tutorials on how to connect to a MySQL database on your local machine but I'd like to access a database on my server.


      When creating a new Flex Project the wizard asks me to define a Web root and a Root URL. I used '/home/ecoflexer/public_html' as Web root and 'http://ecoflexer.com' as Root URL. However, the Web root coudn't be validated. So I've chosen the local folder 'C:\ecoflexer' as Web root. Though it was possibly wrong Flash Builder generated a debug folder at the defined location. After that I went to "Connect to Data/Service" and selected "PHP Service". I tried to generate a sample using the same credentials I use for a standard PHP login script ("Server Port" was left empty). After clicking on "Connect to Database" Zend was installed and returned an error. 'gateway.php' couldn't be found on 'http://ecoflexer.com/testProject-debug/gateway.php'.


      So I went into my local Web root and copied the 'testProject-debug' folder to my server to the destination the previous error mentioned. Then another error occured concerning a Zend file. So I went back and copied the whole 'ZendFramework' folder as well to my server. It connects now successfully to my database. I can chose a table but soon after that the introspection of the service fails. I modified the 'amf_config.ini' by adding 'webroot =/home/ecoflexer/public_html' and 'zend_path =/home/ecoflexer/public_html/ZendFramework/library' but it's still not working. Anithing I've done wrong or forgot to do?