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    swatches changed???


      Hello, I have been using Photoshop CS4 for about 2 years now, but I have NEVER had this problem.


      My swatches colors are different now for some reason:


      For example: the second to darkest black color should be #181818, but is now instead #111111. ALSO, dark red used to be #861316, but is now #9e0b0f.


      The whole grey scale changed and is now different values, I DID NOT do anything and I even tried to RESET SWATCHES from swatches menu but no luck.


      Also, tried to WINDOW->Workspace->Web for a reset, but I can't get back to the old values.


      I know for a fact I USED TO have #181818 as my second darkest black in swatches, but NO MORE... please help!


      what is going on???


      thank you